Naughten demands meeting if Ballygar boil water notice not lifted

In Business & Jobs, East Galway by Denis Naughten

Boil NoticeDenis Naughten has contacted Irish Water seeking a meeting with the technical staff involved if the boil water notice is not lifted on the Ballygar water scheme next week.

The local TD said that “the decision to lift the boil water notice on the Ballygar water supply is to be considered again by the HSE & Irish Water next week, following further monitoring of the supply over the coming days”.

“I understand that the HSE is anxious to see if the heavy rains promised over the coming hours has an impact on the water quality on the Ballygar water scheme, and these results will be available next week”

“To date, follow up tests on the Ballygar supply have been clear, but because no specific source of the E.coli contamination can be found, a further set of tests are to be run over the coming days before a decision will made to lift the boil water notice”.

“While it is positive that there has been no further tests showing contamination or any reports of people becoming sick from drinking the water, but it is a huge inconvenience to families and cost to businesses to have the boil water notice remain in place”

“Because of this cost & inconvenience, I have sought a meeting with the technical staff to justify why the boil water notice should be continued beyond next week, if the test results continue to be clear” said Denis Naughten