Unfair budget keeps people on dole & punishes those who cannot work- Naughten

In Business & Jobs by Denis Naughten

“The long promised budget has failed to provide much needed hope for a brighter future which the people of this country urgently need” claims Denis Naughten.

The budget policy seems to be to cut the supports to those who cannot work, and take away the opportunities for those who want to work & force those on low pay out of employment

Our country’s economic problems demand a budget with a clear jobs strategy as its central theme, while protecting those who cannot work such as carers & people with a disability.

This budget targets those on lower pay. For example it reduces by €34/week the annual income of the 3-child family earning €50,000 gross per year, whereas the same family earning €175,000 will only lose €28/week. The Budget reduces by €33/week the income of the three-child family earning €25,000 per year.

There is no support for small local businesses, which need help to maintain jobs and to employ those who are currently unemployed. We must have a comprehensive stimulus plan for small businesses, which will give due recognition to the vital role the sector plays in this economy. In fact farmers & the self employed will see their taxes increased even above that of PAYE workers.

And then the payments to people with disabilities, blind persons, carers and widows have also been slashed. Cuts to disability allowance, blind pension and carers’ payments will have a very real impact on the quality of life of recipients.

“Not only are those on social welfare singled out for attention but the tax credits for home carers, incapacitated children, blind person, dependent relatives & widows have also been singled out by Fianna Fáil and the Greens for cuts.

“People with disabilities, blind people and carers are seeing their personal incomes reduced by cuts to the only source of income they have, their social welfare payments. Furthermore those who are financially supporting themselves or their relatives will also have additional cuts over and above other taxpayers. This is absolutely immoral.”