Naughten calls for changes to PRSI rules for self employed

In Business & Jobs by Denis Naughten

The rules governing PRSI contributions by the self employed which prevent access to State support are causing financial hardship for some families and need to be reviewed, Denis Naughten has stated.

“There are many self employed people who now find themselves without work and who are not covered by PRSI as a result of the rules governing contributions by the self employed. This situation is causing serious hardship for these people and their families,” stated Denis Naughten.

“We need to look at the UK model which allows self employed people to become employees in certain situations and to pay PRSI contributions, which would offer protection where individuals become sick or cannot find work.

“We also need to look at the way in which tenders for State jobs are offered and to break them up to allow small businesses and the self employed to tender. Instead of offering one, large scale contract to one business this approach would allow small local businesses to tender for individual contracts such as painting local schools etc and would undoubtedly benefit both small businesses and the self employed. We must support small business and the self employed in order to help the local economy and assist with job creation.”