Naughten welcomes progression of senior AMO appointment

In Health by Denis Naughten

Confirmation that applications are to be invited for the post of Senior Area Medical Officer in County Roscommon, has been welcomed by Denis Naughten.

“I have been informed by the HSE that this post will be advertised by the Public Appointments Service next week,” stated Denis Naughten. “This is welcome news and I would hope that appointment of a new Senior AMO will now progress without delay.

“Under the Motorised Transport Grant and the Disabled Person & Disabled Passenger Scheme it must be a Senior AMO who signs off on the application. However as this position has been vacant in Roscommon there has been a backlog of applications and those applying have suffered delays.

“I also recently raised this matter directly with the Minister for Finance seeking a change in the regulations to allow any designated Area Medical Officer to sign off on applications rather than being forced to await the approval of a Senior AMO.

“I was extremely disappointed by the Minister’s lack of regard for those currently awaiting a decision of their application and his complete refusal to consider any change to the current guidelines.”