Fine Gael will ensure decent living for farmers – Naughten

In Agriculture by Denis Naughten

Fine Gael is committed to ensuring a decent living is available for farmers, Denis Naughten has stated.

Among the measures being proposed by the party is ‘fair trade’ legislation which will ensure that farmers receive a fair price for their produce.

“This legislation will force supermarkets to disclose the origin of products, put an end to unfair trading practices and rebalance power in the food chain, giving consumers fair prices for groceries and producers a fair price for produce,” stated Denis Naughten.

“By removing unfair practices to competition we will ensure producers receive a fairer price while also lowering food prices for consumers. This legislation will ban the unfair practices within the retail sector such as ‘hello money’ which some suppliers have to pay to get their goods on supermarket shelves.

“At present farmers are not getting the benefit from high food prices. Shoppers need to know why they are not getting a better deal and farmers deserve to know why they are not getting a fair price. Somebody is making huge profits from the Irish food market at the expense of both shoppers and farmers with the consequence that quality Irish food is being undermined and farmers are at risk of going out of business.

“Irish farmers have traditionally offered safe products produced to a high standard and that is the role they should continue to fulfil in the future, provided they are guaranteed a fair price and livelihood. We must not allow our farmers to be forced out of existence,” concluded Denis Naughten.