Naughten corrects misleading statements on FG commitment to Roscommon Hospital

In Health, Mid-Roscommon by Denis Naughten

Denis Naughten has clarified recent misleading statements that have been made regarding Fine Gael’s commitment to Roscommon Hospital and has reiterated that the commitment will secure the future of the hospital.

“Over the last week several inaccurate and misleading statements have been made regarding Fine Gael’s commitment to the future of Roscommon Hospital,” stated Denis Naughten.

“It is wholly inaccurate to claim that Fine Gael has offered no specific guarantee on the replacement of theatre nurses at the hospital. In fact Fine Gael has committed to addressing the staffing issues regarding both theatre nurses and junior doctors by introducing a new structure for Non-Consultant Hospital Doctor training which will recognise time spent in Roscommon Hospital and by changing the legislation to facilitate National Treatment Purchase work to take place at Roscommon Hospital, which will enable the employment of the required theatre nurses.

“I am disappointed that misleading statements have been made when a clear commitment on the hospital’s future has been provided by Fine Gael’s Health Spokesperson, Dr James Reilly. Not only will Fine Gael retain all existing services at the hospital but we will also enhance and develop services.”

Denis Naughten, who reiterated the commitment to the hospital on RTE1’s ‘Campaign Daily’ on Monday, pointed out: “Under our proposals the future of services at Roscommon Hospital will be determined locally. We want to have a local board appointed by staff, patients and the community to run the hospital in conjunction with local management and not have it run by faceless bureaucrats within the HSE.

“The reality is that Fine Gael is the only party which has delivered a written commitment on the future of Roscommon Hospital and is the only party with a plan to reform the health service as a whole,” concluded Denis Naughten.