The First 50 Days

In Blog by Denis Naughten

First 50 days under its belt but most of the focus of Government to date has been on the banks. One bank Report after another and none of it good news.

The next 50 days have to be different; they have to focus on jobs and implementing a targeted jobs plan. It won’t be easy, but delivering on this within the first 100 days will be a significant achievement for the Government.

So far the indications are positive, the export part of the economy is doing well and this is projected to continue. The challenge is to replicate this growth in the domestic economy. We need to help people to help themselves and support initiatives like the reaching out project in South Galway which can benefit tourism and the capital programme for small business in Longford, which can help start up business access badly needed funding.

As I say, this will not be easy but we’ve had a good hearing from the IMF, some novel plans are in the offing and job announcements are pending.

At least two of the job announcements in the pipeline will have a direct impact on local employment and are due to be made in the coming weeks.

This is positive news on the local front and is the first small step in getting our indigenous economy going.

We all have to keep our fingers crossed!