Naughten taking threats to County Hospital directly to Minister

In Health by Denis Naughten

Local TD Denis Naughten has today (Monday) confirmed that he is to meet with the Minister for Health to seek immediate action to avert the current threat from the HSE to Roscommon Hospital.

Denis Naughten stated that he is taking the threats by the HSE regarding services at the hospital very seriously and confirmed he will bring the issue directly to the attention of Minister for Health, James Reilly.

“As chairman of the Oireachtas Health Committee I have sought a meeting with Minister Reilly to outline to him the need for immediate action to avert what is the most serious threat that Roscommon County Hospital has ever faced,” stated Denis Naughten.

The threat to the status of the hospital is directly associated with the national shortage of junior hospital doctors, a challenge that will have to be addressed by a number of hospitals throughout the country.

“The suggestion that the A& E will only be open for 57 hours/week is totally unacceptable,” stated Denis Naughten.

“The facts are that:

(1) Galway University Hospitals are in a chaotic state at the moment, with the HSE appointing additional managers to try and get it running to meet the needs of the people of Galway, never mind the people of Co. Roscommon.
(2) No consultation has taken place with local GPs on providing any type of back up service, which would the very basic requirement, if there was a theatre to A&E.
(3) No draft protocols for the treatment of patients have been discussed with Roscommon and the other hospitals within the network and adjoining hospitals.
(4) The suggested plan by the HSE runs contrary to the HIQA report into Mallow Hospital, which was critical of the decisions taken at both Ennis & Nenagh, a plan which the HSE is now trying to implement in Roscommon.

“In short such action by the HSE would be irresponsible and will lead to the loss of life.

“I have discussed the challenges surrounding Roscommon County Hospital on a number of occasions with Minister Reilly and I know that these matters have been raised with the HSE,” concluded Denis Naughten.