Unacceptable that 2,400 local farmers face payment delays – Naughten

In Agriculture by Denis Naughten

The revelation by the Department of Agriculture that 1 in 4 farmers are still awaiting their disadvantaged area payment, with similar numbers set to face delays in the issuing of their Single Farm Payment is “completely unacceptable” to local TD, Denis Naughten

Mr Naughten said “In reality it means that approximately 900 farmers in County Leitrim and 1,500 Farmers in Co. Roscommon are going to have to carry the cost of delayed payments with additional penalties from their banks”.

“While I welcome the fact that farmers will receive 100% of their Disadvantaged area payment up front, this is of little benefit to the 1 in 4 farmers still waiting on their payment. 100% of nothing is just fresh air!”

“The vast majority of delays with REPS4, AEOS, Disadvantaged area payments and the SFP are associated with mapping problems”.

“There was no justification for such delays with mapping as the Department of Agriculture knew this would be a problem as far back as June 2009, and has had the 2010 payment cycle to resolve any issues”.

“This delay will cause severe financial hardship for many farmers awaiting payments. Families had relied on the money coming in to pay bills & bank loans but nothing seems to be happening to address this issue, once and for all”.

“The state has poured billions of euro into the banks overnight but the Department of Agriculture cannot ensure that farmers are paid the money they are owed on time, and it seems that no one cares” concluded Denis Naughten.