Utter confusion over ambulance base – Naughten

In Health by Denis Naughten

Denis Naughten has called on the Government representatives locally to re-double their efforts to secure the ambulance base for West Roscommon after he was informed today (Wednesday) that no decision has yet been made by the HSE.

“I have received a letter from the National Director of the Ambulance Service – signed on 22nd February – and from his reply it seems that we are at least ‘months’ away from a conclusive decision on an ambulance service for West Roscommon. Even then it may not mean that the ambulance is actually based in the area,” outlined Denis Naughten.

“As someone who has campaigned on this issue for over a decade, who opposed the location of the ambulance base in Knock and who has continued to fight to have a permanent ambulance service based in West Roscommon, I’m calling on the Government members locally to re- double their efforts to secure an ambulance base for the area as soon as possible,” concluded Denis Naughten.