Students should apply now for college grant – Naughten

In Young People by Denis Naughten

Local TD, Denis Naughten has urged students who plan to start a 3rd college course or PLC course this autumn, not to wait until they receive an offer to apply for a student grant.

Denis Naughten explained: “While the closing date for new applicants to apply for the coming college year is the 31st of August, the sooner the application is made the sooner the grant can be awarded. I have had several students come to me who were still waiting on their grants payments 4 to 5 months into the college year, because of delays in their applications.”
However, he continued: “The application process is relatively straight forward and the new system, SUSI, should make the entire process simpler and quicker for everyone involved. Students can now apply online and be given a provisional answer on their grant before they have to submit any copies of their supporting documentation, which is a huge improvement on the previous system.”

For more information on how to apply please visit If parents or students have any queries in relation to the application process or the student grant scheme they should contact the “SUSI Support Desk” by telephone at 0761 08 7874 or email