Increasing Sports Grant could create 316 jobs in Galway – Naughten

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Galway clubs plan to invest over €25m in facilities

Denis Naughten TD has revealed that the Government could treble the sports grant allocation to County Galway, creating 316 jobs without costing the taxpayer one additional cent.
153 Galway clubs have submitted applications under the Sports Capital Grant Scheme, with plans to invest over €25m in sport & recreation facilities throughout the County.
On average, clubs plan to spend an additional 65% on top of the potential grant aid from the Department. With sports clubs making such a massive commitment from their own resources the Government would be foolish not to seriously consider increasing the total grant fund from €30m as it will have a direct and indirect employment spin off effect within the communities which these clubs serve.

So if Government tripled the sports grant fund to €90m, based on the additional spending from clubs and the tax-take which would result from the projects, this would only have a net cost of €30m; the original planned spend.

Responding to a question from Denis Naughten, the Sports Minister, Michael Ring TD said that due to the volume of applications he will not be in a position to announce the list of successful applicants before the late autumn or early winter.

Having viewed some of the applications, there is no doubt that the projects are extremely worthy and will without doubt increase the level of participation in sport within the communities involved.

“This investment will also have the added benefit of supporting local contractors who are struggling to maintain employment at present. As a result I believe that there is a strong economic case for increasing the level of funding available to local clubs under this grant programme” concluded Denis Naughten.

Dáil Reply Below.

Dáil Reply

138. To ask the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport the number of applications
under the sports capital programme 2012; the total value of grant aid sought; the
corresponding figure for each county; and if he will make a statement on the matter. —
Denis Naughten.
& Others

Answered by the Minister of State for Sports and Tourism, Michael Ring

Minister of State for Tourism and Sport (Michael Ring TD): My Department has received over 2,150 applications for funding under the 2012 Sports Capital Programme.

I propose to answer question, 90,110,115,129,138,139,143,155,715 and 726 together.

A county by county breakdown of the applications received and the amounts of funding sought will be circulated with the official report. These figures are subject to minor amendment as assessments are undertaken.


Departmental officials have started processing all applications received. This process will take some time, due to the volume of applications and the detailed information contained in each one. As a result, I do not expect to be in a position to announce the list of successful applicants before the late autumn or early winter 2012. It is not possible at this stage to estimate the number of applications expected to be successful.

I intend to use the media and our website to announce grant allocations and will also write to individual applicants confirming the outcome of their application.



County Number of applications Amount Sought Project Cost
Carlow 44 €3,046,252 €3,753,675
Cavan 61 €5,780,865 €7,066,779
Clare 71 €5,286,330 €6,434,163
Cork 217 €21,083,163 €33,848,308
Donegal 111 €12,037,211 €16,571,089
Dublin 275 €33,621,690 €55,283,526
Galway 153 €17,220,424 €24,934,593
Kerry 89 €10,214,103 €10,844,207
Kildare 77 €8,715,044 €13,729,474
Kilkenny 49 €6,132,069 €10,949,037
Laois 41 €1,878,155 €2,555,919
Leitrim 30 €2,376,418 €2,706,512
Limerick 116 €14,530,746 €20,807,211
Longford 30 €1,873,684 €2,386,295
Louth 60 €4,726,335 €6,648,600
Mayo 114 €15,745,089 €29,138,404
Meath 75 €8,608,564 €11,816,635
Monaghan 48 €4,595,104 €42,208,896
Offaly 43 €2,203,339 €3,200,576
Roscommon 48 €4,381,562 €5,120,443
Sligo 47 €4,028,594 €5,141,862
Tipperary 93 €8,768,713 €16,247,482
Waterford 68 €7,232,134 €8,818,960
Westmeath 43 €5,101,562 €9,039,797
Wexford 93 €10,476,874 €14,476,065
Wicklow 56 €4,645,535 €5,940,879
Total 2,152 €224,309,559 €369,669,387