Naughten to be briefed by Congressman on US Bill for undocumented Irish

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Local TD, Denis Naughten is to receive a briefing next week from US Congressman Bruce Morrison on the prospects for a resolution to the issue of the undocumented Irish following the recent election in the United States.

Congressman Bruce Morrison has been a long time campaigner on behalf of the undocumented Irish and the need for reform of the United States on the immigration system.

Deputy Naughten has consistently raised the issue of the plight of some 50,000 undocumented Irish in the United States in the Dáil and was informed by Tánaiste Gilmore last month that further progress had to await the outcome of the US elections (see attached).

“Presently there is a Bill in Capitol Hill which would secure up to 10,500 renewable work visas for thousands of Irish nationals and this has made steady progress over the last 12 months” said Denis Naughten.
“Further progress on this would come as an enormous relief to Irish people living in America and their families here at home, especially in the run up to Christmas.
“I am well aware of the many local people living illegally in the United States, all of whom want to be legal, pay their taxes and to participate in the society which they now call home.

Most importantly they want to be able to travel freely in the US and to home, especially for family occasions and Christmas. But at present they live in daily fear of being deported. They have not been home to visit their loved ones in Ireland for years. They’ve missed out on many family occasions, even funerals.

I’m looking forward to meeting Congressman Morrison, who has done so much for the Irish in the US and we will continue to support his efforts to assist the undocumented” concluded Denis Naughten.