Key questions must be answered on burger contamination -Naughten

In Agriculture, Business & Jobs by Denis Naughten

“While we now have a source of the contamination of burgers with horse meat, it still leaves key questions to be answered” claims Denis Naughten TD.

Speaking in the Dáil recently Denis Naughten pointed out that “the AIBP group handles over one quarter of the total beef kill in Ireland and just under a quarter in Britain. It seems bizarre that the largest single processor in Ireland or the UK would import beef from continental Europe to a country which has 900% self-sufficiency and is the fourth-largest exporter of beef in the world.”

Today Denis Naughten reiterated his call on the company to provide an answer to this question. Naughten continued by saying; “a further question which now needs to be answered by the Department of Agriculture is how did the horse meat get into the imported Polish beef product in the first instance?

The Minister for Agriculture must ensure that the Polish Authorities get to the bottom of the source of the horse meat so that the book can be closed on this issue.”

“Consumers and the thousands of families nationally who rely on our beef industry need honest and clear answers to these key questions” concluded Denis Naughten.