Naughten pressed Finance Ministers on assistance for victims of petrol stretching

In Families by Denis Naughten

The need to assist the victims of petrol stretching was raised with the Finance Ministers by local TD Denis Naughten in the Dáil yesterday (Tuesday).
Denis Naughten was seeking financial assistance and assistance with a possible class action against the suppliers of tampered petrol.

Questioning Michael Noonan in the Finance Committee, Denis Naughten sought the establishment of a fund to assist victims with the cost of replacing their engines. While Minister Noonan was sympathetic and committed to look at the situation, he failed to give an optimistic response to Deputy Naughten.

Earlier in the evening Junior Finance Minister, Simon Harris, told the Dáil that there were two positive cases of kerosene mixed with petrol. In response, Denis Naughten sought a commitment that if the evidence obtained by the Revenue Commissioners cannot be used in a criminal case that it would be made available for victims to take a civil case against the individuals concerned.

Responding to the request, Minister Harris stated that he was prepared to have such a proposal considered by the Revenue Commissioners.

Commenting on the responses by both Ministers, Denis Naughten said: “While progress on this issue is slow, there is at least awareness in Government circles of just how serious this issue is in the West of Ireland.

“But to really push for a resolution to the issue it is important that all victims of petrol stretching go to the Gardai and record a formal complaint with them. This is of importance not only to highlight the scale of the problem, but this may also benefit the victims at a later stage if any funds can be recouped,” concluded Denis Naughten.

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