Naughten has delivered already for North East Galway

In East Galway by Denis Naughten

Independent General Election Candidate Denis Naughten has welcomed the relocation of the Westdoc out of hours GP service to Tuam stating that it will improve the response times for access to a GP between midnight and 8 am.

Until recently this service operated from Knock, Co. Mayo, but this service is now based in Tuam in order to provide a more responsive service to the catchment.

Denis Naughten was also instrumental in securing a 24/7 ambulance service in Tuam, servicing the North East Galway area, and he is continuing the fight to have a further 24/7 ambulance based just over the county border in West Roscommon.

“The manning of these two bases along with my role in securing an air ambulance for the West of Ireland, means that the people of North East Galway have a much better emergency medical service than they have ever had before,” stated Denis Naughten.

But it is not just in terms of health services, that Denis Naughten has been active in delivering for the area. He also pushed Irish Water to install a temporary treatment system on the Williamstown water scheme, which will now become fully operational in the coming weeks.

While being one of the youngest candidates contenting the election in Roscommon Galway, Denis is one of the most experienced candidates in the West of Ireland. He is a proven fighter having already defended Roscommon Hospital when the Government pushed ahead with plans to close the A&E just over four years ago.

In the next Dáil with the majority likely to be very tight, the people of Galway and Roscommon need a person like Denis Naughten who knows how to get things done.