Naughten welcomes new law to de-designate Suck Callows

In Environment, News, West-Roscommon by Denis Naughten

Work ongoing to provide alternative home heating options

Local Minister Denis Naughten has welcomed the introduction of a new law which will remove the Natural Heritage Area designation on the Suck Callows.

“The fact that the Callows were designated could have delayed the removal of blockages in the river which contributed to recent flooding so this is a very welcome move,” stated Minister Naughten.

“The new law will also remove designation on 23 local bogs which was part of a process to secure a long term resolution to the turf cutter issue, while also ensuring that Ireland meets its obligations under the Habitats Directive.

“The reconfiguration of the network of Natural Heritage Area (NHA) bogs will have many environmental benefits and will result in a greater area of protected bog habitat being safeguarded than under the current network.

“The move to introduce the new law comes on top of an announcement in the budget that payments under the raised bog restoration incentive scheme will now be exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

“As Minister for Energy I’m also looking at cost effective plans for up to 200,000 homes that are dependent on turf and other solid fuels to move to more environmental and energy efficient options.

“Work is ongoing with my officials to look at solutions which would be of benefit to homeowners & families in the short term and our climate in the longer term,” concluded Denis Naughten.