Local Minister Denis Naughten urges students from schools across Roscommon-Galway to become School Digital Champions

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Applications are now open for the School Digital Champion Programme

Applications are now open for second level students across the country to become School Digital Champions. As part of the Government’s strategy to increase the use of technology in teaching, learning and assessment the School Digital Champion Programme is an innovative initiative to encourage and support students and schools to do more with digital.

“9 out of 10 jobs regardless of location, language, sector or profession, require some level of digital skills. We live in a digital world and young people must have the necessary skills to survive, thrive and compete in this space. To help equip second level students with the skills, creativity and imagination needed to deliver in the digital world and to prepare them for employment the School Digital Champions Programme has been created. I strongly urge students from schools across Roscommon-Galway to take part in the Programme and become Digital Champions. As part of the initiative, schools select a team of School Digital Champions that will undertake a project that uses digital technology to solve real issues within the school, in a local business or in the wider community. In this way, students are empowered to develop their creativity, critical-thinking and communications skills and show leadership in the productive and practical use of technology,” stated Minister Naughten.

All second level schools now have access to 100mbps broadband under the State’s investment in high speed broadband connectivity.

The programme provides a training day for teachers and students, a unique opportunity to visit leading technology companies such as Google, Facebook and a platform to showcase completed projects. Application forms, together with further details, are available at www.schooldigitalchampion.gov.ie or email schooldigitalchampion@dccae.gov.ie.

The high level objectives of the programme are to:

  • Recognise those students that are pioneers in the use of new technologies
  • Maximise the possibilities for community outreach and awareness of social and digital inclusion
  • Lead learning through the use of new technology
  • Enable students to make a real difference through the use of technology
  • Improve key skills like critical thinking, innovation, communication, creation, team-working
  • Increase awareness of career opportunities in the digital arena.
Karen Kelly with Minister Denis Naughten from Glenamaddy Community School

Karen Kelly with Minister Denis Naughten from Glenamaddy Community School

Project Name: PhysChem

The aim of the project is to create a hub of notes to help students who are studying physics and chemistry and to assist teachers who are teaching the subject.

Denis Naughten with Aaron Grenham, Niall Costello, Joseph Gibbons, Adam Mulry,Waleed Akhtar from Garbally College, Ballinasloe

Project Theme: Community. Project Name: Garbally Tech Help.

The team constructed a website with video tutorials to help make technology more accessible to older people in the community.