County Roscommon a hive of activity with potential investors – Naughten

In Business & Jobs, Local Issues, News by Denis Naughten

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar with Minister Denis Naughten, who hosted Mayor Scott Avedisian from Warwick, Rhode Island at Government Buildings recently. Mayor Scott was accompanied by a delegation from Rhode Island who visitied the West of Ireland to explore investment opportunities.

Interest in investing in County Roscommon has never been higher with Minister Denis Naughten confirming that five separate investment visits and meetings have taken place in the last fortnight.

These opportunities come on top of a Chinese investment delegation which visited the area last July and was presented with the benefits of investing in Roscommon and East Galway.

“The projects range from tourism to food and from technology to medical, as well as renewable energy and a data centre. The great thing about these projects is that they are spread across County Roscommon and not just focused in one area. Also important is the fact that at least two of the projects have the potential to expand and benefit other towns in the county,” explained Denis Naughten.

“While many of these projects are at an early stage, the fact that they are considering locating in our county is significant. In one instance, namely a technology start up, we are in the running with cities like London, purely because of the high quality of our broadband.

“With investment in pure fibre broadband in Roscommon Town, Ballinasloe and many of our villages set to be completed within the next 66 weeks, other companies are now looking to our area as a possible location for their operations.

“As yet, none of the investors have made a firm commitment to Ireland or our County but the fact that there is such interest is at the very least promising.”

Minister Naughten added: “I’m currently working with three telecoms companies about the potential to provide broadband solutions to more rural communities in both Roscommon and East Galway and I believe that if these investments come about they will assist in attracting new employers as well as assisting existing employers to expand their operations.

“Again while there are no final decisions on investment, the fact that County Roscommon and East Galway is on their investment radar is positive in itself,” added Minister Naughten.

“I’m highlighting this interest so that people welcome these visitors to the area and that as a county and region we pull together and talk up our local area. It’s also important that we support the local towns outside our county because investment in these towns also makes County Roscommon a more attractive place to invest. For example I have no doubt that the Centre Parcs development in Ballymahon is contributing to the interest in the towns adjoining this project,” concluded Denis Naughten.