Fair Deal changes for family businesses & farm families – a progressive step

In Agriculture, Business & Jobs, Families, News by Denis Naughten

The decision by Minister Jim Daly to reform the Fair Deal Nursing home scheme and not to discriminate against family businesses and farm families has been described as “a progressive step” by Minister Denis Naughten.

“This will save jobs in small businesses and maintain the viability of commercial farms while also ensuring the best possible care for those in nursing homes,” says Minister Denis Naughten.

“I recently discussed this matter again at a meeting with Maura Canning and John Hanly of the IFA. I’ve had numerous late night meetings with Maura and I can, without hesitation, state that her determination and commitment to this campaign has secured this result.

“I’m proud of the fact that I have been able to help Maura throughout her campaign, a campaign in the interests of fairness and the rural economy,” added Minister Naughten.