New energy company enters Irish market is good news for consumers – Minister Denis Naughten

In Energy, Infrastructure, News by Denis Naughten

The entry of global energy company Just Energy into the Irish energy market has been welcomed by Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten who says ‘it is good news for consumers and a good time to switch.’

“Just Energy is an international energy company and its entry onto the Irish energy market is good news for consumers.  They’re offering various price plans on gas and electricity and what this means is that people now have more choice and more opportunities to save money on their bills.  I would encourage householders across Roscommon-Galway to shop around for the price plans offered by all companies in the market. Switching saves money so by logging on to or to compare prices, it is much easier now to make the switch and save on your bills,” stated Minister Naughten.

“Irish people are among one of the highest in the EU for switching. Last year alone almost 318,000 people switched electricity providers, up 15,000 on 2015 figures. However gas switching levels dropped last year from 107,000 in 2015 to around 93,400.  What these figures mean is that we’re on the road to becoming a nation of switchers but we’re not there yet. Not enough of us are switching regularly and therefore losing out on significant savings on our home energy bills,” added Naughten.

“According to The CRU – Commission for Regulation of Utilities – Ireland’s independent energy and water regulator, another tell-tale sign that points to inertia in the market is that Electric Ireland and Bord Gåis Energy dominated awareness levels among consumers.  With a total of 10 energy suppliers in the market  the lack of awareness of other providers is stark and ultimately costing consumers money,” added Naughten

“What all of this means is that, if you haven’t switched in the last year, doing so will save you money – potentially hundreds every year,” concluded Minister Naughten.