Naughten urges local applications for a €10 million fund for Energy Efficiency Design Projects

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Grant funding can help save 30% on energy costs p.a.

 Roscommon Gaels benefits from energy upgrade

 April 10, 2018 

Local Minister Denis Naughten is urging businesses and organisations across Roscommon-Galway that are planning an investment in new design and energy upgrades to apply for funding under a special scheme called Excellence in Energy Efficient Design (EXEED).  Minister Denis Naughten secured an allocation of €10 million in Budget 2018 for the Exeed Programme.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is administering the Scheme and is now accepting applications stated Minister Naughten.

The €10 million allocation will be used to support projects that deliver optimum energy performance  in the design, construction and management of buildings and facilities. The grant will provide support of up to €500,000 per year to successful organisations and is open to all public and private organisations that are planning an investment project of any scale or complexity confirmed Naughten.

Local Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten TD stated:​

Roscommon Gaels received a €3,100 technical assistance grant to bring their dressing room facilities to Exeed certified level.  They are now in stage 2 of the process, with a grant offer of €23,878, towards total costs of €72,262.  Annual savings could be over €4,500 which are very significant for a GAA club.  Through the process, a number of significant upgrade recommendations were identified for Roscommon Gaels including making more use of daylight with openings in the roof, alternative shower heads, reducing ceiling height to reduce the space required to be heated and installing an air-to-water heat pump rather than the originally planned replacement gas boiler. Ireland faces very significant challenges in tackling climate change and businesses and organisations can benefit from investing in projects that delivers low energy consumption. The EXEED Certified programme encourages innovation in how we design and manage projects and is driving longer-term solutions to reduce energy consumption that brings lower operational costs.”

Other EXEED projects include:

  • The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) completed a lighting and controls upgrade to one of their multi-storey car parks and three external surface carparks. Lighting for these car parks accounted for 45% of the airport’s total car park lighting load. With the new controls, DAA have improved ability to control the lighting in these car parks and have been able to reduce the power input to the lights while maintaining the required brightness. The DAA have achieved 78% energy savings in the surface car parks.
  • The Monasterboice Inn, a restaurant and venue near Drogheda, constructed a new conference centre extension and dramatically upgraded the energy efficiency of their restaurant. They installed high-grade insulation throughout the building and smart lighting in their conference rooms and car park. They designed the new conference centre to maximise natural daylight and provide a bright space. Renewable energy heat pumps, one of which extracted energy from an on-site stream, replaced old gas boilers, providing heating and cooling to the building. Hot air is extracted from the kitchen and harnessed to heat the water.  As a result, they expect to reduce energy consumption by 45%, improving profitability, and lowering carbon emissions.

The EXEED grant application process is now open. Visit