Naughten and Kyne allocate €62,000 to tackle litter, dog fouling and graffiti across Galway

In East Galway, Environment, News by Denis Naughten

Ministers Naughten and Kyne have today announced an allocation of €62,000 to tackle graffiti, dog fouling and litter in Galway City and County.

“Within the resources we have as Ministers at the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment we are proud to support community and voluntary groups and schools across Galway with funding that will have tangible impact in Galway.”

Nationwide the Ministers are making available a total of €884,000 to 31 Local Authorities under the 2018 Anti-Litter and Anti-Graffiti Awareness Grant Scheme (ALAGS).

The Scheme provides funding to local authorities to conduct public awareness and education campaigns at a community level targeting litter, dog fouling and graffiti. Each local authority is responsible for selecting the suitable awareness projects that receive funding. Today’s allocation of €884,000 brings the total grants provided under this Scheme over the last 10 years to almost €15 million.

Ministers Naughten and Kyne added: “Today we are pleased to announce that we are allocating €62,000 under the 2018 Anti-Litter Anti-Graffiti Awareness Grant Scheme (ALAGS) to Galway (€26,000 to Galway Co Council & €36,000 to Galway City Co). Last year, funding for ALAGS was increased by 28% and we are delighted to be able to say that this level of funding for the programme this year has been maintained. Local authorities use this programme to raise awareness and encourage behavioural change to help tackle graffiti and littering of all types, including gum, cigarette butts and dog fouling, which is a particular bugbear of people. Dog fouling is perhaps the most intrusive type of litter and a constant source of annoyance for us all on our streets, in our parks and on our beaches. We welcome any initiatives that will increase awareness of this nuisance litter and the many public health risks associated with dog owners not picking up their dog’s waste, particularly for children. Littering is environmental sabotage but money alone cannot solve our litter problems. It takes a behavioural change across the board and we are am confident the awareness campaigns that will be funded through this scheme at community level will have a real impact.”

Minister Kyne concluded: “It’s hugely important for me to support and assist community effort with significant funding and recognition. I want to pay tribute to the passion, energy and dedication of hundreds of local community and voluntary groups, schoolchildren and teachers who are taking their civic responsibilities seriously every single day through the many anti-litter initiatives that they drive across our communities for the preservation of our environment. 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the National Spring Clean (NSC) which is organised and run by An Taisce and co-financed by my Department. NSC is currently running for the month of April across the country and in Galway alone more than 150 clean-ups are taking place this month.”