Nursing home changes will support family businesses and farms – Naughten

In Agriculture, Business & Jobs, News, Older People by Denis Naughten

Local Minister Denis Naughten has confirmed Cabinet approval this week of changes to the Nursing Home Support Scheme which he says “will remove a huge financial burden from family farms and small, family-run businesses”.

“The decision by Minister Jim Daly to reform the Fair Deal nursing home scheme and not to discriminate against family businesses and farm families is a progressive step forward in the care of older people,” said Minister Naughten.

“This change, approved by Government, also fulfills a commitment that I sought in the Programme for Partnership Government in 2016.

“This will save jobs in small businesses and maintain the viability of commercial farms while also ensuring the best possible care for those in nursing homes,” he added.

“Farm families and company owners can now continue to run their business without fear that they could be forced to sell it to meet the costs of a nursing home.

“Again this week, I  discussed this matter with Maura Canning of the IFA. My office has been in close contact with her throughout the negotiations and I wish to publically state that Maura’s determination and commitment to the campaign over the last number of years has secured this result.

“The new law now has to go through both the Dáil and Seanad Eireann in the autumn and I would urge all politicians to support the campaign and ensure the swift passage of this change so that it can quickly impact on as many families as possible,” concluded Minister Naughten.