€1.5m handout to disappearing children

In Blog by Denis Naughten

Each year 900 children disappear from our primary schools; the Department of Education does not know where they have gone. But the Department of Social Protection continues to hand out €1.5m a year in child benefit payments to their parents.

It’s good to talk, so why don’t our schools, Tusla and Social Welfare talk to each other?

It’s time not that we started to do things differently in Ireland and act in the interests of our people by joining up Government.

We cannot continue to do things the way we did in the past especially when it is taking a future away from children, who are already battling disadvantage.

We need to rethink the way we do things, to get the basic things right and start using the limited resources of the State in a smarter manner to deliver for today but also for the future.