Naughten seeks to secure Civil Defence ambulance & emergency cover

In News, Tourism by Denis Naughten

Denis Naughten TD has confirmed he has been engaging with Local Authority Chief Executives and the Minister for Defence regarding the need to secure the continued operation of ambulance and emergency cover at local sporting and community events from August next.

“There is a risk that the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) will not renew its approval of certain Civil Defense emergency medical operations after the 31st of July this year. This would add considerably to the cost of running many local community and social events, putting some events off altogether, which would directly impact on our ability to develop the Irelands Hidden Heartlands Tourism brand launched by Government last year,” explained Denis Naughten.

“The fact is that the local Civil Defence volunteers provide a very valuable service in emergencies and provide a vital ambulance support service at many local events.

“Since this issue was brought to my attention I have taken this matter up directly with the Chief Executives of a number of County Councils including Roscommon, Westmeath and Longford and I have also been in communication with the Minister for Defence.

“I know that meetings were held this week with further engagement to take place next week to try to resolve the issue.

“I have also given notice that I indeed to raise this issue in Dáil Éireann next week with a view to having the issues clarified and addressed as soon as possible,” concluded Denis Naughten.