Agriculture committee must be vehicle to unlock beef impasse – Naughten

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“The Dail Agriculture Committee should call all of the players in the beef sector including farm representatives, processors, supermarkets and those representing shoppers to individually present proposals to see if common ground can be found for further talks” says Denis Naughten TD

“Presently we have both sides setting down preconditions for formal talks which is making it impossible to move this situation forward. I believe that the Dail Agriculture Committee must now be used as a forum for all sides to set out what they believe are practical measures to address the income crisis facing beef farmers”. 

“From such a forum I hope that common strands can be identified to facilitate a further phase of round table discussions, as it is only around the table that this situation can be resolved” 

“I believe that such a confidence building mechanism is now needed to unlock the current impasse” says Denis Naughten. 

“I have written to the Chairperson of the Dail Agriculture Committee Pat Deering TD requesting that he convene such a forum and I hope that this can be facilitated early next week” concluded Denis Naughten

Copy of letter to the Agriculture committee yesterday:

Re: Committee hearings on beef dispute

Dear Chairperson,

While not a member of the Agriculture Committee, in response to your request to members of the Committee on proposals to address the current impasse in the beef dispute, can I respectfully suggest that the Committee hold a series of focused bilateral hearings on proposed practical solutions to the current crisis in the sector.

All of the farm organizations, Meat Industry Ireland, the State bodies & Department’s of Agriculture and Business, the supermarket sector and consumers representatives should be asked to submit proposals in advance and then have the Committee question witnesses in order to elaborate on their proposals.

The objective behind this process is to identify common ground which could then form the basis of a more formal round table discussion with an independent facilitator.

We cannot allow the current impasse to continue any longer and I feel that this could be a practical step which the Committee could take to identify practical solutions which could form the basis for a longer term agreement.

I hope that you will be able to consider my suggestion in the interests of beef farmers and their families who are facing such an uncertain future.

Yours sincerely 

Denis Naughten TD