IBEC must intervene to bring meat industry back to the table – Naughten

In Agriculture, News by Denis Naughten

Rural Ireland set to become 40 shades of yellow instead of green

Denis Naughten is calling on IBEC, the umbrella organisation for Meat Industry Ireland, to directly intervene in the beef dispute and ensure that both it and Retail Ireland, which represents the major supermarkets, get around the negotiating table before irreparable damage is caused to the beef industry.

“Walking away from talks and locking the gates as Meat Industry Ireland has done will not only fail to resolve the current beef price impasse but is likely to lead to famers leaving the industry altogether, which will have long term consequences for meat processors,” says Denis Naughten TD.

“We are at a cross roads in the beef sector with many farmers looking at selling off their stock for good, which will see land abandoned and ragwort and furze bushes taking over, converting rural Ireland into 40 shades of yellow.

“How will the beef processors promote Irish grass fed beef when they will only be able to bring buyers to either large factory farms or vast swathes of rural Ireland covered in yellow weeds?

“If this happens it has far reaching implications for other IBEC members right across this country.

“I cannot recall a situation where an IBEC member organisation has snubbed the invitation of a Cabinet Minister to sit down to talks. The fact is that this situation can only be resolved around the table and we now need constructive movement from the meat industry and IBEC,” concluded Denis Naughten.