Beef agreement positive but movement needed on base price – Naughten

In Agriculture, News by Denis Naughten

The agreement between the meat industry and farming organisations provides a basis to start the rebalancing of power within the beef sector but we need to see movement on the base price for beef from meat processors, says Denis Naughten TD.

“Farmers are to be briefed on the agreement struck with processors over the coming hours and I would urge them to consider this as the start of progress on bringing about transparency on price. In addition, it should be viewed as the start of greater control on the margin returned to farmers as the producers of prime Irish beef.

“The actions in this plan need to be implemented without delay. However, the fact is that there is a serious lack of trust on farmers’ behalf and there is a feeling that base price will now be manipulated by meat processors to make up for concessions agreed in talks over the weekend. 

“This cannot be allowed to happen if there is to be a resolution to this dispute. We now need to see a fair base price being quoted by processors in order to unlock the current impasse,” said Denis Naughten.