Economic catastrophe facing midlands in 68 days

In Environment, Jobs, News, Video by Denis Naughten

Local TD’s had a meeting with the Bord na Mona group of unions yesterday. They informed us that the company is currently borrowing money on a day-to-day basis to pay staff

The public service obligation finishes for Lough Ree Power on the 9th of December and for  West Offaly on the 31st of December next.

This is completely unsustainable

We are now facing and economic catastrophe across the middle of Ireland in just 68 days time with the loss of 2000 direct jobs and another 2000 jobs that are dependent on these employees

On foot of that I raised the issue in Dail Eireann today (see full debate at: )

We now need urgent & immediate steps to be taken by Government:

1.  a clear un-ambiguous statement from government reiterating its support for the co-firing of the two plants with peat & biomass.

2. that the minister immediately call in the chief executive of both Bord na Mona and the ESB to get absolute clarity set on the intention to submit a new planning application for West Offaly and to deal with the 3 million tonnes of milled peat that are on the bogs

3. to immediately release funds from the climate action fund to start the rehabilitation of decommissioned bogs across the midlands Counties.