Confidence vote on Housing Minister

In Blog, Families, Infrastructure, Older People by Denis Naughten

This no-confidence motion was a political stunt by the Social Democrats to garner support in last weeks by-elections. If they had been serious about the housing crisis they would not have tried to undermine the national broadband plan which would help to make vacant homes in towns, villages and rural areas attractive to families who can work remotely thus bringing life back into communities decimated by depopulation.

The vast majority of people that I have spoken to, while frustrated by the housing situation, have said that they do now want an election this side of Christmas.

I have proposed legislative reform that could release some of the many vacant homes across Ireland onto the housing market as part of the reform of the Fair Deal Nursing Home Support Scheme. see link below

Minister Murphy has committed to working with me to bring about this change. This would make a real difference to the families currently in emergency accommodation and to families struggling to pay nursing home bills.

Even though we are on the cusp of an election we need action and reform in the housing area not stagnation over the coming months.

Families penalised for renting out “Fair Deal” homes – Naughten