2019 a bad year for local job creation; more must be done to help local business – Naughten

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Enterprise Ireland companies lost 5 jobs every week in 2019 across our region


The end of year report by Enterprise Ireland shows that across exporting Irish companies in Roscommon, East Galway, Longford, Westmeath and Offaly approximately 5 jobs were lost every week, Denis Naughten TD has highlighted.

“With the same counties now facing further job losses as a result of the closure of Lanesboro and Shannonbridge power stations it is imperative that Government, and its job creation agencies, redoubles its efforts to create long-term sustainable jobs in our region,” continued the Roscommon Galway TD.

“While there was a slight, but welcome, increase of 22 jobs created by Enterprise Ireland supported companies in County Roscommon in 2019, across the area when Longford, Westmeath and Offaly are included there was a net loss of 262 jobs. Also, the fact is that the jobs growth in County Galway was concentrated around Galway City and not in the east of the county. 

“Job numbers across our area have increased since 2016; a time when many felt that much of Roscommon and East Galway had been forgotten when there was little Government investment and communities were dying. 

“As the only rural Independent Minister in Cabinet I was committed to starting to turn this around with significant investment in infrastructure across rural Ireland, which has been driven by my insistence that the new rural affairs department be supported. 

“As a Minister I was also instrumental in the establishment & design of the Rural & Urban Regeneration and Development Funds, the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme and increased investment in the Town and Village Renewal Scheme, all of which are now delivering vital new infrastructure across Roscommon, East Galway and the wider Midland counties

“But this investment now needs to be converted into local jobs. While we are close to full employment nationally, today’s Enterprise Ireland report shows that  many of these jobs are in our cities, not in our local towns, and this situation is getting worse. 

“Many local people leave their homes early in the morning, sit in traffic and arrive home late in the evening because they are unable to work locally.

“I want to see local job creation built on the infrastructure investment that is taking place in sport and recreation facilities, digital hubs, broadband and enterprises centres in our local towns and rural areas. This is about relocating existing jobs as well as attracting new jobs to our local areas.

It is now a matter of urgency that we refocus job creation into our area, as highlighted by the Enterprise Ireland figure. Not only would this help to support our local towns, schools and villages but it will also take huge pressure off our cities, many of which are struggling to cope with the increasing job numbers.

“We need people to be able to work locally in our towns, villages and rural parishes and not push more people into congested cities like Dublin and Galway, and this report should act as a clear warning that action is now needed,” concluded Denis Naughten.



Enterprise Ireland
Total Employment
County 2018 2019
Galway          8,172          8,431
Roscommon          1,766          1,788
Longford          2,961          2,954
Offaly          4,292          4,238
Westmeath          3,605          3,382
Total Employment       20,796       20,793
Total Employment minus Galway       12,624       12,362