St. Brigid’s site can drive job creation – Naughten

In East Galway, Jobs, South Roscommon by Denis Naughten

Redevelopment of the St. Brigid’s Hospital site in Ballinasloe can be “a key driver of job creation in the South Roscommon & East Galway area”, according to Denis Naughten. 


“Two years ago – with the support of Ballinasloe Area Community Development – I ran a workshop ‘Reimagining St. Brigid’s’ and produced a report on potential uses for the campus, which built a very clear consensus around the future vision for St. Brigid’s,” explained Denis Naughten.


“The consensus that emerged was for a multi-use space drawing on the mental health history of the site by creating an interactive museum and heritage site, forming a global centre of excellence around this centre with research and training facilities as well as a wellness village and trails.


“The need for a commercial element to drive job growth locally and regionally was acknowledged as was the potential to incorporate opportunities for training and education and both indoor and outdoor community spaces.


“In the coming months the final steps will be taken to relocate services from the St Brigid’s campus and I have already had some very interesting approaches from investors who are willing to use the ‘Reimagining St. Brigid’s’ Report as the template for development of the site.


“I have already arranged meetings between investors and the HSE, Galway County Council & Government Ministers as well as local business people with a view to progressing to the first phase of planning later this year.”


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