Government must pay employers to put staff back on their books – Naughten

In Business & Jobs, News by Denis Naughten

Denis Naughten TD has asked the Taoiseach & Government to pay a wage subsidy directly to employers to allow them to continue to pay staff during the current crisis.

“Rather than inundating our social welfare system with new claims, we should keep the link between employer and employee by paying a generous wage subsidy directly to employers. This would cover the cost of continuing to pay salaries of staff or those already laid off due to the coronavirus,” stated Denis Naughten.

“Not only would this address the huge administrative challenge of trying to pay those who have been made unemployed a decent living wage but importantly it will keep the link between the employer and employees which will be so vital to the recovery of our economy in the months ahead.

“It will also address another risk where an employee laid off for 4 weeks or more could claim redundancy. If this were to happen on a large scale it would decimate the viability of many small and medium sized companies and destroy any chance of a recovery to our economy.”

Denis Naughten added: “At yesterday afternoon’s meeting of party leaders, I urged the Government to maintain the link between employers and employees ensuring that staff continue to be paid during the crisis rather than relying on a social welfare system that just could not cope.

“I hope the suggestion I have presented to Government will be considered at its meeting today and reflected in the legislation to be published later,” concluded Denis Naughten.