Public should now think outside the box & explore hidden gems in their county with hashtag #HiddenYourCounty

In Blog, Tourism by Denis Naughten


Now that the Country has opened up on a County basis I would encourage people to ‘think outside the box’ a bit and not congregate around the most popular destinations and instead explore some of the hidden gems in their county. I would actively encourage communities to promote their local amenities by using the hashtag #Hidden followed by their county such as #HiddenRoscommon or #HiddenGalway.


We don’t want the population of County Galway flocking to Salthill or the population of Clare landing in Lahinch because this will undermine the heroic efforts by every citizen in this State to stop the spread of this virus.


Should people congregate around the most popular attractions we risk a second wave of infection which in this instance could be concentrated in counties.


The implementation of this geographic travel measure that allows people travel within their own county will allow the public to benefit from local amenities and explore their own local county; so let’s do just that!



Naughten welcomes Government approval of countywide travel measure