Phase 4 deferred as Government ignores advice of Regional TDs

In Blog, Business & Jobs by Denis Naughten

I’m deeply disappointed that Government has deferred phase 4 of the lifting of the Coronavirus lockdown, which is in no small way due to the fact that it has ignored constructive advice provided to it by the Regional group of TDs.


Last March we highlighted the issue of house parties and we were assured by Government that we had nothing to worry about (see below)


This is clearly not now the case and this is likely to be a key source of the present surge in infection.


Then in April we called for face coverings in the community, but this call was also ignored by Government and now – 3 months later – this is being introduced after the horse has bolted, so to speak. (read: Members of Regional Group asking for consideration of cloth face coverings to control community spread of Covid-19 )


As a result of the failure to take this constructive advice on board, many people planning weddings and family events are being told to put plans on hold and many publicans who had been making trojan efforts to open their doors, to provide a key social outlet for many people in rural areas who have not spoken to each other in months, will see their doors remain closed for weeks to come.


This is just not good enough!