Childcare workers need a living wage

In Blog, Families, Jobs by Denis Naughten

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Speaking in the Dáil last night I pointed out that we must develop a childcare model which will ensure childcare staff are paid a living wage without pushing up fees for parents.

The Programme for Government states “we will progress to a living wage over the lifetime of the Government”. So let’s start with the childcare staff and use this sector as the pilot for the roll out of the living wage across society. Let’s prioritise this sector, lets put our children and their early educators first, and use them to pilot the model of a new living wage for all – one that is not funded out of the pockets of parents who are already paying a second mortgage on childcare.

Many childcare providers are struggling to recruit staff because of the pay they can offer and this is unsurprising when you consider the fact that staff packing baby wipes on supermarket shelves can earn more than the staff member using those very same wipes, who is responsible for the care of that baby along with 2 other babies.

That is fundamentally wrong.

We need to ensure that proper pay scales are put in place for those providing this vital service right across the country.


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