Ban on Rent Increases Bill 2020

In Blog by Denis Naughten

Earlier tonight I did not support the passage of  Ban on Rent Increases Bill 2020 when voted on in the Dail.

The fact is that the key to resolving the residential rental sector in this country is supply and security of tenure. This Bill fails to address either of these issues and there is a question mark over the Constitutionality of this proposed law which would be tied up in the courts long before it could have any potential impact.

The reality is that most landlords in this country have one property, many of them are accidental landlords and over 85% of landlords have less than three properties.


I believe there is a significant risk that some of these landlords could actually leave the market if this Bill were enacted which would have a significant impact on supply, as it has already in parts of Roscommon Galway, forcing families into homelessness or overcrowding. 

I’m of the strong view that the work I am doing will do far more to address the supply of properties and the cost of rent than this piece of legislation. 

This includes work on:

(i)           Releasing property under the Fair Deal Scheme:

(ii)          Supporting families to work remotely:

(iii)         Releasing & redeveloping vacant property:

(iv)        Developing a long-term leasing model:


Yes, there is reform needed across the housing area but there is no simple single legislative measure which could do that, and that is why I could not support this Bill.