Post Office must be given Government services to allow more staff to work remotely – Naughten

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Why is support for our Post Offices always one report away from action?


Denis Naughten has called for An Post to be given legal responsibility to provide Government services to those who cannot access online applications.

“People who are not digitally literate or who cannot access online services should be able to access such services through their local post office, which would help to ensure the long-term viability of An Post,” said Denis Naughten.

“The reality is that online does not work for everybody, for example you cannot renew your motor tax online unless you have an email address, and our citizens should not be excluded from Government services simply because they don’t have an email address or cannot use technology.

“Such a move would also allow more public servants to work remotely instead of having to be based in the office just to input the information from paper-based forms or to man public desks.”

He added: “What is most frustrating is that three years ago the Government took the decision to put more State work through the post office network, yet since then the only action we have seen on this is a committee, report, and another committee.

“Support for our post offices is always just one more report away from action. Such a policy approach, taken prior to my appointment as Minister, nearly led to the collapse of An Post and yet we are failing to learn from this political dithering,” stated Denis Naughten.

“I believe we need to give An Post the legal responsibility to provide these services to the public as it seems that will be the only way Government will act in the best interest of efficiency and improving access to services locally.”