Dangerous precedent threatens survival of communities and environment – Naughten

In Agriculture, Environment, Families, Local Issues, Mid-Roscommon by Denis Naughten

Any decision by The Friends of the Irish environment to seek an injunction halting works at Lough Funshinagh in County Roscommon would create a very dangerous precedent by challenging climate mitigation measures, Denis Naughten TD has stated.


“A decision to seek a high court injunction would leave the community in a position where they could be forced to relocate from their homes due to the annually increasing threat of flooding, which in itself is doing very serious environmental damage to the  turlough, its flora and fauna,” stated Denis Naughten.


“The  mitigation measures presently being carried out have absolutely no impact on the hydrology of the turlough or the SAC surrounding it and such irresponsible action would be more about promoting their own political agenda than protecting the environment or the people who have maintained this environment for hundreds of years.


“The reality is the measures being undertaken are solely to protect the homes and families and will have no impact whatsoever on the environmental management of the turlough, the climate mitigation works will only bring about what has traditionally been the natural removal of water from the turlough.


“These works should be allowed to proceed without being impacted by a potential legal challenge.


“If The Friends of the Irish environment decides to proceed then I hope any court hearing on this can take place as soon as possible, providing legal clarity on these mitigation measures, and providing the community with reassurance regarding its survival,” concluded Denis Naughten.