Reopening of in person activities

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I have had quite a number of people on to me regarding the reopening of in person activities be it dance, yoga, pilates or other classes.
I’ve taken this up with Minister Stephen Donnelly TD and I’m attaching the reply that I have received from him.
Let’s hope that we have some progress next week!
25th August 2021
‎Dear Deputy Naughten,
On behalf of the Minister, I would like to thank you for your correspondence.
‎The Government continued to ease restrictions in a careful manner through July and easing of public health measures has focused on outdoor activities and a partial reopening of indoor hospitality. On 26 July 2021, indoor hospitality reopened for people who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months, as well as children under 18 in their care – further details are available at:
‎The Government understands the frustration felt by those sectors of the economy and society that remain severely restricted or fully closed. It is important to stress that these continued restrictions are based on public health advice. That is why remaining restrictions and closures relate mainly to indoor activities and to live events and mass gatherings.
‎Currently, organised indoor events are not permitted – further information on the public health measures can be found at:
‎Building on the success of the national vaccination programme and public health response to date, the next phase of the Government’s response will involve a clear roadmap for the sustainable reopening of activities in the live entertainment, culture and arts sectors. It will also include the sustainable reopening of offices and other indoor activities. As with every other reopening, the government’s objective is that once a sector reopens, there should be no going back.
‎In advance of an announcement on the roadmap, the relevant Departments and State Agencies will continue to engage intensively with representatives of those who are impacted by the current restrictions so that the relevant guidance and communications can be agreed and implemented quickly once a decision is made to modify or remove restrictions.
‎The Government will continue to monitor the progress of the disease and of the vaccination programme during August. It will also continue to receive and consider public health advice from the National Public Health Emergency Team. Based on those considerations, by the end of August, the government will publish a roadmap for the easing or removal of the remaining restrictions.
‎Please see for the latest information and changes to the public health guidance.
‎Yours sincerely,
Private Secretary to the Minister for Health