Naughten welcomes recruitment of additional neurology nurses

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The recruitment of additional neurology nurses for Galway University Hospitals has been raised by local TD Denis Naughten in Dáil Éireann .


The issue has come to the fore as part of a national campaign organised by the Neurological Alliance of Ireland aimed at increasing the number of neurology nurses at hospitals around the country, and particularly in the West of Ireland.


Patients are unnecessarily waiting longer for diagnosis and treatment. Based on the catchment area of GUH, national and international guidelines recommend that there should be 13 neurology nurse specialists, but up until now there was just four.


Denis Naughten has confirmed that the HSE is currently in the process of recruiting four additional neurology nurses for GUH, which is the western regional centre for neurology. Investing in more neurology nurses is a cost-efficient way of improving the efficiency of outpatient clinics, reducing waiting times and ensuring that patients have access to the specialist support they need to manage their conditions.


More neurology nurses will also ensure that patients get quicker access to outpatient appointments, thereby reducing waiting lists and ensuring that any deterioration in the patient’s health status can be mitigated. This will also ensure that additional hospital resources can be focused on those who need it.


The hospital has confirmed to Denis Naughten that it has interviewed for a Neurology Clinical Nurse specialist (CNS) and will interview for an additional CNS in the coming weeks. It has also been confirmed that under the paediatric model of care for the Saolta GUH multidisciplinary team recruitment will take place for a CNS neurology paediatric while a candidate is in the process of being appointed to the position of CNS paediatric neurodevelopmental.