Long Covid: The UK evidence

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An UK colleague just passed on a copy of a research paper produced by the UK Parliament on long Covid.

The paper indicates that

  • Long Covid is a complex condition, presenting several symptoms and affecting multiple organs and systems.


  • There is uncertainty about the prevalence of Long Covid symptoms in adults and children following infection. The Office for National Statistics estimates that around 1.2 million people in the UK (including around 77,000 children aged 2-16 and around 134,000 people between 17 and 25 years old) are experiencing self-reported Long Covid.


  • According to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, risk factors for Long Covid in adults include female sex, having poor pre-pandemic health and poor general health, suffering from asthma and being overweight or obese. Risk factors in children include allergies, asthma, eczema and one or more pre-existing conditions.


  • There is emerging evidence on the impact of vaccination on Long Covid in adults, with vaccinations reducing the risk of developing many Long Covid symptoms.


  • There are ongoing challenges for the medical profession in diagnosis and treatment. Many of these are still in their infancy. More time is needed to understand how long the condition lasts.


  • Key unknowns include the role of different variants in causing Long Covid, the effects of vaccinations and boosters, and management of cases in the long term.


  • Priorities for research include a better understanding of suitable interventions, prevalence in different groups (including children) and biological mechanisms.

You can access the full paper here: https://post.parliament.uk/long-covid-the-long-term-health-effects-of-covid-19/


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