Wireless broadband services must be extended to rural homes pending completion of broadband plan – Naughten

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Denis Naughten TD has called on the Government to work with existing wireless broadband providers to utilise the equipment that will be taken out of some 30,000 homes over the coming year as they connect to the new fibre cable delivered by National Broadband Ireland.

“As National Broadband Ireland delivers fibre broadband to rural homes, families will come off their existing wireless services and this now provides an opportunity to improve the quality of wireless broadband services to families who are further down the list of the deployment areas, by reusing this equipment” said Denis Naughten.

“But to allow this to happen Councils and State agencies need to provide sites to these wireless operators so that they can install transmitters to distribute the wireless broadband service”.

“Because these extensions to the wireless service will have a short lifespan, up until the end of 2027 when it is now likely that the National Broadband Plan will be completed, these sites should be provided rent free by the Councils and State agencies”.

“While disappointingly National Broadband Ireland is likely to see slippage with its final delivery date being pushed back to 2027 due to the fact that they are passing about 7,000 homes a month, the positive aspect to the project is that close to one third of families who can connect to the network are doing so within the first 6 months of its availability”.

“This rapid sign up for a fibre connection provides an opportunity for the reuse of existing wireless equipment and Government now needs to engage with wireless operators to make this happen”.

“I have already raised the potential for the redeployment of this equipment with the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys TD and I now hope that a proactive approach is taken by Government to help those families still waiting for a broadband service” concluded Denis Naughten.


Dáil question on reuse of equipment: https://www.kildarestreet.com/debates/?id=2021-12-07a.399&s=naughten+wireless#g407