Up to 300k people with Long Covid but HSE remains in planning phase – Naughten

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“Despite the fact that up to 300,000 people are suffering from the impact of Long Covid, the HSE is still only at the planning stage in the assessment of the scale of the problem and its possible impact on our health service” says Denis Naughten TD


A response received by Denis Naughten from Anne O’Connor, the Chief Operations Officer of the HSE has pointed out that even though some 20% of those who contracted Covid-19 may now be suffering from Long Covid the HSE is only now planning an epidemiological survey to get an insight into and an understanding of Long Covid.


“The actions by the HSE are far too slow, because there is no doubt that there are thousands of people suffering from Long Covid who have been placed on waiting lists, adding to the huge delays in accessing hospital and outpatient appointments already.”


“Officially there over 1.5m PCR confirmed Covid-19 cases which could leave up to 300,000 people suffering from Long Covid with many more people with a Covid infection who never had it verified by a PCR test,” said Denis Naughten.


“The World Health Organisation has defined Long Covid as a condition that occurs in individuals with a history of probable or confirmed SARS CoV-2 infection, usually three months from the onset of COVID-19 with symptoms that last for at least two months and cannot be explained by an alternative diagnosis”.


“These effects appear to occur irrespective of the initial severity of the covid infection but occur more frequently in women, middle age and in those with more symptoms initially.”

“Last September after I questioned the Health Minister on the issue of treatment for Long Covid patients, the HSE stated that it planned to establish specialist long Covid clinics yet today we are still waiting for this to happen.”


“This is not only delaying treatments for these patients but pushing other patients waiting to see doctors further down the waiting list. Such an approach is causing chaos to our hospital waiting list and denying patients the vital and timely care that they need which cannot be allowed to continue.”


“The Government and the HSE needs to take a similar approach to the management and treatment of Long Covid as it has done to the initial waves of Covid infection. Not to do so could lead to a tidal wave of chronic Long Covid illness that will stall any measure taken to clear the current appalling waiting lists with over 850,000 waiting for treatment, or a first meeting with a consultant for an outpatient appointment” concluded Denis Naughten.


Attached reply from HSE on Long Covid evaluation and clinics

2022.16431 Letter to Mr. Denis Naughten TD re Long Term Impact of COVID-10 22.06.22

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