Gardaí Should Call in Mathematicians on Roster Dispute

In Blog, Science by Denis Naughten

As Garda management and staff representatives reconvene today to address the roster issue, I propose a fresh approach.

Why not involve mathematicians and data analysts?

Their expertise could help craft a new roster that not only caters to staff concerns but also fulfills our policing requirements.

I presented this perspective to the Minister for Justice in Dáil Éireann earlier this week. It’s evident to most that neither the current nor the preceding roster offers a sustainable solution.

In the past, our health service has successfully leveraged the skills of data scientists and mathematicians to tackle intricate challenges.

For instance, the HSE collaborated with the Science Foundation Ireland Insight Research Centre for Data Analytics. Their collective goal? To optimize medical resources and manage a limited number of outpatient appointments. The results? Shorter waiting times and enhanced patient experiences. Learn more about this collaboration here:

Our country boasts commendable research capabilities. Why not harness them to tackle tangible challenges?

In this case, an unbiased analysis of the Garda dispute might be the first step towards mending strained relationships.

I recognize that the rostering dilemma encompasses various intertwined issues. However, I suggest we compartmentalize them. Alongside my colleagues in the Regional Group, I voiced in the Dáil this week the need for a direct intervention by An Taoiseach to handle these concerns. There’s an urgent need to review the current Garda Síochána force. I recommend a comprehensive review involving all stakeholders, under the leadership of An Taoiseach, with a goal to produce recommendations within 12 weeks.

Watch my full contribution here: