Disappointingly long COVID will not be recognised as an occupational illness – Naughten

In Blog, Health by Denis Naughten

One year ago, during the passage of the Social Welfare Bill 2022 Minister Heather Humphreys gave me a commitment to look at introducing a provision to include long COVID as an occupational illness under the Social Welfare code.


I tabled an amendment to that legislation and as a result of that the Minister promised to produce a report on the issue.


Yesterday in the Dáil, I stated that I was reintroducing that amendment to the Social Welfare Bill 2023 because nothing had happened in the last 12 months. Watch what I said here: https://youtu.be/roOefiQpysU


Miraculously the report promised 12 months ago appeared today.


BUT sadly, all it does is confirm that the Government are now refusing to support these dedicated individuals, who contracted long Covid as a direct result of their heroic efforts during the pandemic; denying them the support they rightfully deserve.

Read the full report here:OIB Report Final