Help for flood victims

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Now, at long last, the floods seem to have peaked and hopefully we will see them drop dramatically before we have more rain.

Why has Roscommon Hospital helipad disappeared?

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I’m sure I was not the only one that was surprised to see plans for developments at Roscommon Hospital published in the paper without any provision for a helipad or, as it is officially known, a Pre-Determined Landing-Zone (PDLZ).     It’s now over 4 years since the closure of the A&E in Roscommon, and while the investment and planned …

Eircode & County boundaries

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Half Roscommon Senior Team will be playing outside the County in 2016, if Eircode has its way!
As many as half of the Roscommon County Senior Football Team are living in another county, based on the new Eircode postcode system.

Rosalie Unit

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This evening, there is a public meeting in Castlerea, regarding the closure of the Rosalie, long stay unit which was to be developed into a Alzheimers/dementia unit for older people in  the West Roscommon/North Galway area . What is really frustrating, is the fact that neither the families nor the public are being told what exactly is happening. On the 22nd of April …

Aer Lingus & the actions of Minister Seamus Brennan

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As Dáil Éireann debates whether to sell off the State’s remaining share in Aer Lingus, I cannot but smile to myself and think of the late Seamus Brennan, who caused much of the difficulty which the Government now has in disposing of its holding in the company.

Rehab Unit positive development for Roscommon

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The announcement that approval has been granted for a new 25 bed rehabilitation unit at Roscommon County Hospital is a very welcome development and will be of significant benefit to people recovering from serious injury and stroke throughout the midlands & west of Ireland. It is also a welcome boost towards the long term security of Roscommon Hospital as a …

How urgent is an “urgent” hospital appointment?

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Today, I had a call from a constituent that is on the “urgent” orthopaedic waiting list in Galway. This woman has just been told that the URGENT waiting list is 12 months long. Yes, months! She is waiting to see the consultant in order to be put on a waiting list for surgery. In other words, she is on a …

The waiting list, to get on the waiting list, reality!

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Nearly 500 people waiting up to two years for a Roscommon appointment. Received the letter below in response to a representation last week. All of these people are anxious to have their situation assessed by the Consultant. And some are in pain & serious discomfort! 40% of these cases have been prioritised as requiring immediate assessment, but with just one …