We cannot ignore long Covid any longer

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Long Covid is not just a problem for sufferers and unless we have the right response in place then it could cause problems for everyone on a hospital waiting list, as well as society in general.   Long Covid is a condition recognised by the World Health Organisation with common symptoms including tiredness, shortness of breath and brain fog among …

Government want families to pay to cover up their mistakes on electricity supplies

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The Governments proposed law to force families to pay for 450MW of electricity generators is ” the chickens coming home to roost Bill”. None of what is in this proposed law  should come as a surprise to anyone, particularly anyone in government because over a long number of years they have been made well aware of the issues we are …

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

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I recently received a query regarding the HSE suopport for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. On foot of that I tabled the following question to the Minister for Health To ask the Minister for Health the reason that the HSE will not approve surgical interventions for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome under the European Union Cross-Border Directive or the treatment abroad scheme; the treatments …

As oil hits $120/barrel we need to look again at how we construct carbon taxes which are failing both families and our environment

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     A carbon tax is supposed to be an environmentally-focused tax to drive behavioural change in the use of fossil fuels. In such circumstances, the most effective tax is the one that brings in little revenue because it is doing what it should, which is to drive behavioural change. The focus of an environmentally focused tax should never be on revenue but rather on motivating …

Local children traveling 4,500km/week to access education

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11 local children are facing a 4,500km/week journey to access an autism specific second level class in either Glenamaddy or Longford Town because there is no capacity in the Athlone schools to cater for the students. I raised this issue in the Dáil this week and have received a commitment from Minister Madigan that local places will be secured for …

Carers talk about the impact on means test

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Today the Social Protection Committee heard what can only be described as powerful evidence from 3 family carers who are providing full time care to their disabled children. They spoke about the impact that the Carers Allowance means test is having on them, their families and their caring roles. Watch their opening contribution here:    

Athlone autism places to be discussed in Dáil Éireann tomorrow morning

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Last week I planned to question Minister Josepha Madigan in the Dáil on the provision of autism specific school places for students in South Roscommon and Athlone at both primary & post primary level: This was on foot of concerns regarding the lack of places expressed to me by parents and data that I had collated on local demand. Sadly, …

Carbon taxes are penalising families not driving climate change

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The carbon tax is supposed to be an environmental tax to drive behavioural change when it comes to the use of fossil fuels. In such circumstances the most effective tax is the one that brings in little revenue because it is doing what it should do, namely, driving behavioural change. Today, a carbon tax has no impact on behaviour because …

Health Minister questioned on failure to manage long-Covid cases

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Today in Dáil Éireann I questioned the Health Minister, Stephen Donnelly TD on the lack of decisive action by the HSE to manage the surge of long-Covid cases which now range between 145,000 and 300,000 cases.   I based these questions on the replies that I received last month from the HSE to previous Dáil questions: Online supports engagement on …