Letter to Minister James Reilly

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  Dear Minister Reilly,   Further to your parliamentary reply of the 3rd of October (below), I am writing to you to request that the current vaccines on the board of the Irish Blood Transfusion Service be filled as a matter of urgency. As a frequent blood donor myself I am as aware of the demand for blood and blood …

End of Emergency Services in Nenagh is all too familiar

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From today, emergency calls to the Ambulance Service which traditionally went to Nenagh General Hospital will be diverted to Limerick as the HSE has shut down their 12hr A&E service and replace it with an injury unit. Having already lost their 24 hour A&E in April 2009, this decision by the HSE is the final blow to emergency care in …

FIS delays are failing working families.

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Yesterday I did an interview with RTE on the unacceptable backlog in processing Family Income Supplement (FIS) payments within the Department of Social Protection, which you can view here. The FIS is a weekly payment which aims to supplement the income of low paid working parents; however families in low income employment are currently facing a wait of a staggering …

Elaine’s story is one of many; let’s try to make it the last

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The heart wrenching story last week of 19 year old Elaine Curley and her death on route to Galway hospital brought home to many people the stark reality of the ambulance service which, in the case of the people of Roscommon, replaced our A&E. The protocol for the ambulance service is to get patients with major trauma, road traffic accident …

Meeting with NAMA

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Recently, I commented on Twitter regarding my frustration with delays by NAMA in dealing with proposals which had the potential to create jobs locally. Within 24 hours, I had a phone call from Mr. Martin Whelan, Relationship Manager with NAMA, looking to set up a meeting with Mr. Brendan McDonagh Chief Executive of NAMA. Last week I had the opportunity …

Oireachtas Video

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Denis Naughten raises the issue of stock market food speculation with Finance Minister in the Dáil, highlighting its impact on farmers and those living in developing countries, while costing Irish families €300 pa http://media.heanet.ie/oireachtas/asx.php?Channel=Dail&Date=20120201&StartTime=06:42:15.000&Duration=00:05:15.000

Cuts to the pupil teacher ratio in small rural schools

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Later today the Dáil will vote on cuts to the pupil teacher ratio in small rural schools. I have highlighted this issue over the last number of weeks here and here but I believe that this letter I received from a parent highlights the real problems that parents in rural communities are now facing. Of course these cuts are a …

In light of current finances can the HSE deliver a future for Roscommon Hospital?

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If the future of the hospital itself is to be protected then the people of Roscommon need to see HIQA approved services begin to move from Galway to Roscommon at the same speed the HSE moved to close our A & E. We are waiting for the HSE to identify these services and the Consultants who will provide same and …

His work is done!

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Just as our country has come full circle in its relationship with Britain, one of the key architects of the peace process slipped away quietly. Garret Fitzgerald, as Minister for Foreign Affairs in the 1970s, was one of the key figures directly involved in negotiating the Sunningdale Agreement, which set up the original power-sharing Executive in Northern Ireland. This was …

The First 50 Days

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First 50 days under its belt but most of the focus of Government to date has been on the banks. One bank Report after another and none of it good news. The next 50 days have to be different; they have to focus on jobs and implementing a targeted jobs plan. It won’t be easy, but delivering on this within …